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October 1-4, 2020 Klaipėda
BLON Animation and Games Festival

Lithuanian Animated Shorts

You are warmly invited to discover the most contemporary animated short films, made by Lithuanian animation talents.

The Grandfather

2018 / Lithuania / 5 min 8 s

Director - Gabija Žygaitė
Screenwriter - Gabija Žygaitė
Producer - Gabija Žygaitė

The central character, a young boy, goes through an emotionally difficult period of his life after his father asked his grandfather to leave his home. Through three generations of men: grandfather, father, and son, we can clearly see the circulation of dominant relationships and connections with one another, as well as themes of alienation, rejection, grief and pain. The father who made his own father suffer still calls his son to reconnect.
We are posed question about the timeless values in life: family, relationships and the nature of humanity.

The Ritual

2018 / Lithuania / 2 min 22 s

Director - Vykintas Labanauskas
Screenwriters: Vykintas Labanauskas, Dominyka Adomaitytė
Producer - Vykintas Labanauskas
Company - Ecole MoPA

In the nearly dystopian future, a three-year-old boy receives a long-awaited gift from his parents – "The Ritual Kit" that will finally allow him to become just like everyone else.

The Juggler

2018 / Lithuania / 11 min 5 s

Director - Skirmanta Jakaitė
Screenwriter - Skirmanta Jakaitė
Producers: Agnė Adomėnė, Delphine Schmit
Company: Art Shot, Tripode Productions, Perspective Films

We live in the same house, but in different apartments, jobs and situations, with different beliefs and visions; each one in our own compartment, fooling ourselves that the world is one, and that it exists. Sometimes, though, it seems an incomprehensible thread has almost been grasped, and I am on a verge of understanding.

Glory of Human Voice

2018 / Lithuania / 2 min 39 s

Director - Antanas Skučas
Screenwriter - Antanas Skučas
Producer - Antanas Skučas
Company - Tylus kinas

A film, inspired by Florence Foster Jenkins and her song "The Glory of Human Voice". Foster kas often been called the world's worst opera singer. Also by other well known singers like Trump, May, Merkel, Macron.

The War of the Mushrooms

2018 / Lithuania / 10 min 10 s

Director - Antanas Skučas
Screenwriter - Antanas Skučas
Producer - Antanas Skučas
Company - Tylus kinas

An animated film based on a poem by Justinas Marcinkevičius. A mighty army of mushrooms is ready to take over the forest. But are they too small for the battle?

Objects with Stories

2018 / Lithuania / 5 min 19 s

Director - Modesta Žemgulytė
Screenwriter - Modesta Žemgulytė
Producer - Modesta Žemgulytė

Which objects do we value most? Why do we get so attached to ordinary inanimate things? And why it is sometimes so hard to let go of them? "Objects with Stories" is a short film about losing and letting go of things that matter most to us.


2018 / Lithuania / 1 min 30 s

Director - Karolina Bielskytė
Screenwriter - Karolina Bielskytė
Producer - Karolina Bielskytė

“Gum” is a short animation inspired by the newspaper headline. According to some articles, chewing gum is the world's second most common item of litter after cigarette butts, with each piece costing up to £1 to remove from the street. It takes three months to clear up 300 000 splodges from London's Oxford Street alone.
The film is closely based on ideas of the Dadaism art movement and is used as an opportunity to reveal our grotesque behavior and habits.


2018 / Lithuania / 5 min 30 s

Director - Gediminas Å iaulys
Screenwriter - Gediminas Å iaulys
Producer - Miglė Pelakauskė
Company - Pet Punk

"Shine" is an animated short film, that depicts the symbolic fight for the Lithuanian language during the 19th and 20th centuries. It is a poetic ode to Lithuania and its struggle to keep the language alive throughout the historical changes of those times. Dramatic exile to Siberia, Lithuanian book smuggling, movements for independence - all of it is symbolized in beautiful stop motion pictures.

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