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October 1-4, 2020 KlaipÄ—da
BLON Animation and Games Festival

Industry Talks

Grab a rare opportunity to listen to and interact with the best industry professionals!

BLON Talks are aimed towards common traits of video games and animation. Our guests will speak about storytelling, world building and art development for video games, and what inspired them to choose this unique medium.  They will help you explore animation and games distribution world and success stories behind internationally renowned VR experiences. 
We hope that speakers' experience and insights will inspire others to step into this world where everyone can become a creator. 

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Hopster, helping kids learn through the stories they love

Hopster is an award-winning preschool learning and entertainment service that brings together all the best kids TV shows, music games and books in a safe and ad-free environment.
Hopster was named Best Streaming Video Platform for preschoolers by Kidscreen in 2019 and has received a channel nomination at the Children’s BAFTA in 2018. It can be downloaded free from the App Store and Google Play and can be found on selected smart TVs such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Comcast Xfinity, and on many other platforms around the world.

by Miki Chojnacka

Švyturys Bhouse, Kūlių Vartų str. 7, 1st floor

April 12 14:00-15:00

From Retro to the Future: New Paths for Pixel Art

This workshop will start covering the basic rules and concepts of pixel art, analyzing techniques from the classics and some tricks often used in game development. From there, the second half of the workshop will look at the horizon for pixel art, expanding its capabilities with modern tools and mixed techniques, and how to embrace a 2.5D approach to elevate it and aim for more sophisticated and unique visuals.

by Diego Iñaki Díaz

Švyturys Bhouse, Kūlių Vartų str. 7, 1st floor

April 12 15:00 - 17:15

Coffee with Artists

Cozy and informal talk with animation directors about their work and all the dirty secrets of animation industry.

by Mats Grorud, Veronica Solomon, Karolina Bielskytė, Gediminas Šiaulys , Skirmanta Jakaitė, Modesta Žemgulytė, Gabija Žygaitė, Dorte Bengtson , Kristian Pedersen, Lizete Upīte

Švyturys Bhouse, Kūlių Vartų str. 7, 1st floor

April 13 10:00-11:00

Freelance Artist's Survival Kit

Diego will share tips and comments about the day to day balance between freelance artist's business and life to help you remain sane.

by Diego Gisbert Llorens

Švyturys Bhouse, Kūlių Vartų str. 7, 1st floor

April 13 11:00-12:00

The Making of Forgotton Anne

Come and hear how ThroughLine Games brought to life Forgotton Anne, a 2D animated epic adventure game for PC and consoles.

by Alfred Nguyen

Švyturys Bhouse, Kūlių Vartų str. 7, 1st floor

April 13 12:00-13:00

Prospects of AI powered content creation in games and VFX

Quite often we expect from AI more than it is truly capabale of. Renaldas will talk about new technologies and approaches that will power game and film artists' tools in the years to come.

by Renaldas Zioma

Kultūros fabrikas, Gallery, Bangų str. 5A

April 13 14:00-14:30

How Book of the Dead was made

Dominykas will tell us how their team at Unity created the famous Book of the Dead demo and what techniques were used to bring the viewer closer to realism in real-time graphics.

by Dominykas Kiauleikis

Kultūros fabrikas, Gallery, Bangų str. 5A

April 13 14:30-15:00

CHUCHEL, Our Problem Child

How hard is it to make and launch a short slapstick comedy game? We will dive deep into the development process of CHUCHEL, the audience's reaction and controversies we faced in the first 12 months since the game was released.

by Lukáš Kunce

Kultūros fabrikas, Gallery, Bangų str. 5A

April 13 15:00-16:00

Reflection of Local Culture Through Adventure Games

There are tons of adventure games coming out every month. But what’s really interesting is that many of them are heavily and very directly inspired by the country or city the developers are from. For example, did you know that one of Firewatch creators, Sean Vanaman, actually grew up in Wyoming, where the game takes place? During the presentation, we will look deeper into the topic and discuss why this trend is actually pretty awesome.

by Šarūnas Ledas, Žilvinas Ledas

Kultūros fabrikas, Gallery, Bangų str. 5A

April 13 16:00-16:30

Growing up With Our Fans

A tale of a Lithuanian boutique studio Pepi Play. Our journey from potty training in the bathroom to the royal halls of King's Castle. What important changes studio had to experience growing up? A story of challenges we had to overcome and how we're dealing with it all.

by Almantas Å ukelis

Kultūros fabrikas, Gallery, Bangų str. 5A

April 13 16:30-17:00

How VR narration can bend your mind

A talk about VR techniques we used to establish audience perspectives and how we eventually broke them in order to create a narration.

by Dominic Stockhausen

Kultūros fabrikas, Gallery, Bangų str. 5A

April 13 17:00-17:30

Bakogames: A Fresh Games Studio from the Seaside

Meet the new game development studio from Palanga and hear about their first project Touch, inspired by famous XV century painter Hieronymus Bosch.

by Kristijonas Bakas

Kultūros fabrikas, Gallery, Bangų str. 5A

April 13 17:30-18:00

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