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Competition Programme: Lithuanian Animation

For the first time at BLON, we are also announcing a competition programme of Lithuanian animated films! From the most memorable works by students to virtuoso short films, the entries will be judged by a panel of international experts, and audiences will be able to acquaint themselves with the diversity of Lithuanian animation!


In A Bubble #

2022 / Lithuania / 7 min 20 s

Mars – humanity's salvation from an unstoppable catastrophe on Earth. This dystopian world of the future is utterly individual, and consumerism is the new world order that sustains this new planet. Well-intentioned technologies try with all their electronic might to satisfy a man and his needs. In order not to overlook a single human desire, artificial intelligence observes him, and by trying to become more intimate with man – imitates nature. Surveillance cameras turn into birds and e-mail workers into fish. The man who gets here is lucky, but is he happy?

Directed by Vilma Razmutė
Screenwriter: Vilma Razmutė
Producer: Vilma Razmutė

Kodleduk #

2022 / Lithuania / 2 min 20 s

In a quirky little town in the sky lives the even smaller, chubby protagonist of this story – Kodleduk. This little man's obsession has taken over the entire city. Nothing goes unnoticed in Kodleduk's tiny studio, where he records everything around. Every sound and action goes straight into organic machines created by his tiny, nimble fingers. These encapsulate the town's spirit, and Kodleduk never feels lonely in his tiny apartment.

Directed by Martyna Kairaitytė
Screenwriter: Martyna Kairaitytė
Producer: Martyna Kairaitytė

Mora Mora #

2021 / Lithuania / 10 min 5 s

Little Mora is sinking in an endless sea when she spies what looks like a little island, and turns out be a floating piano – her temporary salvation. Discovering she can summon the wind by pressing the keys of the piano, Mora begins her journey through a dormant world. Becoming acquainted with its features and creatures, Mora looks for ways to bring it back to life.

Directed by Jurga Šeduikytė
Screenwriter: Jurga Šeduikytė
Producer: Giedrė Burokaitė
Company: Meno avilys

In Half #

2022 / Lithuania / 1 min 32 s

A girl's perception of the world is split in two when her imagination comes into play.

Directed by Gabija Butkutė
Screenwriter: Gabija Butkutė
Producer: Gabija Butkutė, VDA
Company: Vilnius Academy of Arts

Tail Wags the Dog #

2021 / Lithuania / 2 min 39 s

A short animation about social standards, and the irrational pursuit of such standards at the expense of one's own individuality or health. The film draws attention to the prevailing standards involved in animal breeding, and draws symbolic parallels with human beauty standards.

Directed by Dovilė Rapalytė
Screenwriter: Dovilė Rapalytė
Producer: Dovilė Rapalytė

Fear #

2022 / Lithuania / 3 min 43 s

A short animation inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurti, whose timeless words explore the nature of fear and its effects on our lives.

Directed by Julius Zubavičius, Antanas Skučas
Screenwriters: Julius Zubavičius, Antanas Skučas
Producers: Julius Zubavičius, Antanas Skučas

Blue Moon #

2021 / Lithuania / 8 min 33 s

The allegorical journey of a whale through space, reliving his life – which is surprisingly similar to our own.

Directed by Vytautas Kazlauskas
Screenwriters: Vytautas Kazlauskas, Živilė Zablackaitė
Producer: Austėja Gaputytė
Company: Madstone

Break-In #

2022 / Lithuania / 2 min 29 s

A middle-aged man is staying late in the office on a cold night when a break-in occurs.

Directed by Juozas Žutautas
Screenwriter: Juozas Žutautas
Producers: Juozas Žutautas, VDA
Company: Vilniaus Dailės Akademija

I Am Tired #

2021 / Lithuania / 1 min 38 s

I remember waiting for him to return from work. As a child, I felt offended that he didn't have time for me, that he was constantly tired. But all the moments we did spend together are priceless to me.
This short animation is a reminder to parents that no matter what, their children love them very much, follow their example, and are always waiting for them to return home.

Directed by Eva Rodz
Screenwriter: Eva Rodz
Producer: Eva Rodz
Company: Vilnius Academy of Arts, ArtEZ University of Arts

Bestija #

2022 / Lithuania / 2 min 00 s

A deer runs through the forest until an unexpected collision occurs.

Directed by Emilija Gustaitytė
Screenwriter: Emilija Gustaitytė
Producer: Emilija Gustaitytė, VDA
Company: Vilnius Academy of Arts

Morsė’s Birthday #

2021 / Lithuania / 14 min 25 s

The arrival of a guest in the family’s home – a guinea pig named Morsė – turns everything upside down. With her go-getting way of getting things done, Morsė changes the attitudes of every family member: their habits, and even their way of thinking about things.

Directed by Ilja Bereznickas
Screenwriter: Irina Margolina
Producer: Natalija Ju
Company: Asociacija "Jaunimo studija"

Elena #

2021 / Lithuania, France, Croatia / 12 min 27 s

Elena enjoys her life in the clouds, until she meets a charming red crane and a seed begins to grow inside her. Not ready for the changes and sacrifices the seed brings into her life, Elena rips it out of her body. Soon she will realise the consequences of doing so.

Directed by Birutė Sodeikaitė
Screenwriter: Birutė Sodeikaitė
Producer: Agnė Adomėnė
Company: Art Shot

The Only Shot #

2022 / Lithuania / 1 min 18 s

A young boy explores the world through his imagination. His dream is to become a hunter; he believes this will make him a real man. 'The Only Shot' explores the darker side of rural childhood and early acquaintances with death.

Directed by Greta Semionovaitė
Screenwriter: Greta Semionovaitė
Producer: Greta Semionovaitė



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