Aware Game Awards 2023

Call for submissions to the BLON 2023 Aware Games Awards international competition

Submission form (deadline: 2023-06-01)

For some time, BLON has been looking to establish its own competition programme for games. Video games have been a part of the festival for almost a decade, as we looked for a way to promote independent game development and embolden local developers to experiment more. Our goal has been to introduce video games as a platform for self-expression, equal to any other. This year, we are piloting a competition programme entitled the ‘Aware Game Awards’ (AGA).The programme is dedicated to celebrating those games that strive to raise awareness about a range of topics, from personal experiences to global or social issues. We’re looking for games that focus on immersion and empathy, helping us to better understand each other and the world around us. We aim to show our audiences a completely different and unexpected side of gaming, while also inspiring and involving local creative communities.

What are we looking for?

For a simple opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes, to experience different emotions and stories, while learning something new. We are looking for games that aim to raise awareness about any concept or idea, and which do so through narrative and play. It’s not about slogans and virtue signalling, but rather about growing through play.

If you are a developer and you are not sure whether this festival is for you, ask yourself a simple question: ‘What drove me to start working on this game?’. If the main reason was to draw the attention of players to a particular issue (even if it’s, say, just about a healthy sleep cycle) – yours may be just the game we’re looking for! Send it to us and let us decide :D. We are open to all topics, from personal experiences to broader issues such as health, education, social commentary and social responsibility, the environment, mental well-being, inequalities, human rights and so on.

Friendly competition

We think of the Aware Game Awards 2023 as more of a celebration than a competition. We want to introduce Baltic audiences to the creative and meaningful side of video gaming culture. We are also seeking to gather and share diverse experiences, to bring together creators and inspire future friendships and collaborations among the participants – something that BLON is well known for being very successful at. Through this spirit of cooperation, we are sure that everyone who attends the festival will win in their own way.

With that said, we will also have an independent, international jury that will award the most immersive and impactful experience(s).


  • The submitted games can be created for any platform (PC, console, mobile, VR, etc.) and must be released in 2022 or 2023. 
  • Unpublished games may also be submitted if the author(s) feel that they are ready to showcase publicly and represent the intended gameplay experience. 
  • All games submitted must be accessible via public platforms (released, in soft launch, in beta etc). Please ensure that a code or access key is provided where necessary.
  • Together with a description of your game, it is highly recommended that you submit a video covering the main points of your game and the ideas behind it. 
  • Please provide up to three game keys for the evaluation of your submission, or links to download your game. 
  • Games will be pre-selected by a team consisting of BLON organisers and experts from the local games industry. As described above, during the festival competition itself, the games will be evaluated by an international jury.


The results of the initial pre-selection will be announced by 2023-06-15.

We will only notify those contestants who have been successful.

The creators of the games selected will be provided with free accommodation during the festival (up to a maximum of two persons per team, shared hotel room) as well as travel (up to EUR 400 – one person per team only).

The winner of the Aware Game Awards games competition programme will receive a cash prize of EUR 1000.

Please fill in the submission form

Submission form


Curators Artūras Rumiacevas & Ričardas Jaščemskas