Dir. Tadas Vidmantas
G • 1 h 20 min • 2022 • Family, Fantasy • Lithuania Voice-over in Lithuanian

Unknown to us, there are small, interesting creatures and robots living in our world – babookums! And just like human beings, each of them is unique and interesting. What is more, each of them has a special power that no one else in the world has. Every day, babookums have the most unexpected adventures, solve problems, explore the outside world, deal with their emotions – whether they’re happy or sad – and learn something new. And most importantly, friendship always wins. This series shows recognisable social situations and personality types. However, its life lessons are interwoven with light jokes, funny dialogues and cute characters to stop little viewers getting bored as they become acquainted with the extraordinary world of babookums.
Directed by Tadas Vidmantas
Screenwriters: Tadas Vidmantas, Lina Vidmantė
Producer: Jurgita Rakauskaitė
Company: Make It Happen

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