Funny encounters...

G • 45 min • 2021-1986 • Short animated films • France • No dialogue

For the little ones: a programme of short animated films without words. 1. Franzy's Soup by Ana Chubinidze Chef Franzy, a lonely alien, discovers that her famous pink soup is not only delicious but also magical when she shares it with hungry creatures living on a strange planet. 2. Buds by Mathieu Gerald-Tulane Every morning, the same ritual: Camille, a lady in her eighties, comes out of her house carrying two large watering cans to take care of her garden on the other side of the street. 3. Under the ice by Milan Baulard, Ismaïl Berrahma, Flore Dupont, Laurie Estampes, Quentin Nory and Hugo Potin On a lake, a heron fishes as winter sets in. 4. Beyond the Trees by Jordan Baudé, Julie Bijjou, Pierre Burgoni and Catharianne Ni Every day, a 7-year-old Indonesian boy makes a long journey to reach his destination on time. 5. Sacred beast by Jean-Claude Rozec Born accidentally among ducks, a dragon, as gigantic as it is harmless, suddenly becomes a media star. Wrongly considered by men as a ferocious and bloodthirsty creature, he soon finds himself lost in the urban jungle. 6. The Elephant and the Whale by Jacques-Remi Girerd A white elephant falls in love with a pink whale trapped in a sinister showman's trailer. 7. The Monk and the Fish by Michael Dudok De Wit Somewhere in the world and outside time, a monastery is disturbed only by the soft hissing of a water tank located in the courtyard. A monk, close to the basin, notices the presence of a jumping fish. Obsessed by its presence, he tries to catch it...

Funny encounters...

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