The King and the Mockingbird

Dir. Paul Grimault, Jacques Prévert
G • 1 h 27 min • 1980 • Animation, Adventure, Family • France • Live voice-over in Lithuanian

Charles V + III = VIII + VIII = XVI reigns as a tyrant over the kingdom of Takicardie. Only a bird, with its sumptuous, playful and talkative plumage, who has built his nest at the top of the gigantic palace near his Majesty's secret apartments, dares to taunt him. The king is in love with a charming but modest shepherdess whom he wishes to marry under duress. She, however, is in love a little chimney sweep. They flee to escape the king, seeking refuge at the top of the highest tower of the palace, and save a small reckless bird caught in one of the tyrant's traps. In return, the bird's grateful father promises to help them. Once the police find traces of the fugitives, a mad pursuit begins.
Directed by Paul Grimault, Jacques Prévert
Screenwriters: Paul Grimault, Jacques Prévert
Producers: Films by P.GRIMAULT
Company: Films by P.GRIMAULT, Gidé films, Antenne 2 

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