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G • 58 min • 2003-2020 • Animation • France • Subtitles: without dialogue

Eight short animated tales for young and old, take us from the mountains to the garden, countryside to forest, between poetry and laughter, for a great breath of fresh air and freedom. 1. After the Rain In green pastures, a dog lives happily with his master, an old shepherd with an unusual power. He doesn't just shear the wool of his sheep, he transforms it into clouds to create rain, thus perpetuating the cycle of life. But if the shepherd did not live forever, what would become of the valley? The young dog will have to be creative and persevering to avoid the worst. 2. Kiki the Feather Kiki the canary has only ever known his little cage and the old lady who feeds him. He dreams of soaring with the free birds outside. When finally the door of the cage is left ajar, he escapes and discovers the great outdoors, in which he must know how to fly. Being a free bird is scary after all. 3. The Bird Man In a mountain village cut off by snow, the inhabitants await the arrival of The Birdman, who announces the end of winter. 4. Hannibal the Elephant A war elephant gets lost in the mountains, where unexpected encounters will change his life. 5. The Garden A couple wakes up in a garden. The woman is impatient to catch a fish, but it is not yet ready. She must wait. 6. The Silence Beneath the Bark A giant forest lies covered with a great white coat. Funny little creatures discover the snow – so white, so beautiful, so fascinating. It transports them on a whirlwind of intoxication and joy to encounter strange phenomena. A nocturnal tale full of tenderness. 7. Umbrellas In a remote village with never-ending rain, six-year-old Kyna spends her days in carefree play, sheltered beneath the umbrella beard of Din, her father. One night, Nana, his beloved dog, disappears. To find her, Kyna will have to face her greatest fear: the rain. 8. The hunt The misadventures of a hunter from the city, short-sighted and harmless, who mistakenly takes with him a rabbit instead of his dog to go hunting in the forest. In the end, no animal suffers.


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