Dir. Kajsa Næss
G • 1 h 20 min • 2022 • Family, Fantasy • Norway, Belgium Voice-over in Lithuanian

Did you know that the first people to reach the North Pole travelled with a charming dog called Titina? She started out a stray from the streets of Rome, and ended up as a star! When famous Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen commissioned Italian engineer Umberto Nobile to build an airship for the expedition to The North Pole, he did not expect such a companion. But Nobile didn’t even think about leaving Titina behind – since he had adopted her, they had become inseparable, and went through all of life’s greatest adventures and biggest dangers together!
Directed by Kajsa Næss
Screenwriter: Per Schreiner
Producers: Lise Fearnley, Tonje Skar Reiersen, Viviane Vanfleteren
Company: Mikrofilm

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