Frequently Asked Questions
💬 When and where is the festival? #

BLON Animation & Games Festival takes place in Klaipėda, Lithuania, from 12-15 September 2024. The festival's entertainment and educational activities take place in different locations around the city. See the map of locations here:

💬 What is the recommended age for attending the BLON Festival? #

BLON Animation and Games Festival has a programme that caters to different age groups. In brief, the programme is suitable for children aged four years and older. The children's programme can be found at For adults and young people, we recommend the educational activities, which have more information available at Additionally, the festival feature films are suitable for both children and adults, and you can find a detailed list of films at

💬 Are festival events free of charge? #

Most of the festival programme is paid. You can buy Festival Pass to attend all the activities or buy separate tickets for individual festival activities, such as film screening or the Virtual Reality exhibition. 🎓 Seminars, masterclasses, etc. - free for students.

💬 Where and when can I buy a Festival Pass? #

Tickets can be purchased online only during the festival or during the early bird period (until 09.01). For the best value, we suggest purchasing your festival pass as an early bird. We recommend getting your tickets early, as they may sell out during the festival and the number of available seats may be limited. You can purchase your festival pass here:

💬 Where and how to collect your purchased Festival Pass #

Visitors who have purchased a Festival Pass (4-day / Weekday / VR / Industry) must collect it at the festival information centre located in Klaipėda's "Culture Factory" (Bangų st. 5A). The Info Centre is open during the festival from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

💬 Can I buy a ticket for just one film or do I have to buy a Festival Pass? #

Yes, you can buy a ticket for each individual film or VR screening. If you are interested in a specific film, there is a "Select a screening" button next to each film. Once you have selected a screening, you will be directed to purchase your ticket. However, we recommend that you purchase a Festival Pass and enjoy the full programme. More information here:

💬 Is it necessary to make a reservation for VR film screenings? #

VR bookings are not mandatory. However, you won't have to waste time queueing and will have a reserved place at your chosen time.

The booking is valid only with the pass or accreditation.

Booking can be done for the next day only. Same day reservations are not possible

Visitors with Festival Pass (4-day / Weekday / VR / Industry) can book a VR film during all days of the festival (Sept. 12-15). The maximum number of bookings per person is 3 VR films per day.

Festival guests with name accreditation can only book on weekdays (Sept. 12-13). Maximum number of bookings is 2 VR films per day. Weekend VR screenings are only available in a live queue.

💬 In which language are screenings displayed? #

The language of the festival program is Lithuanian. Children's films shown during the day are either dubbed in Lithuanian or have Lithuanian subtitles. All other films have both Lithuanian and English subtitles. VR screenings are in English without subtitles.

💬 Is it possible to receive email updates? #
💬 I have some more questions. Where should I direct them? #

Contact us via Facebook Messenger or email us at labas [at]

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