2023 archive

Discover a world of magic and wonder in which the boundaries of time, space and human emotions blur, offering an immersive and unique journey like no other. Experience thought-provoking narratives that explore autism, societal complexities and the marvels of nature. Witness the rise and fall of divided societies, embark on magical journeys and uncover poetic childhood memories. Immerse yourself in an emotive visual world that captivates your senses and fuels your creativity.

Curated by: Bartosh Polonski



PEGI-7 / 6 min / 2022 / Dance, Meditation / Netherlands

At times psychedelic, at times meditative, ELELE is a sensory and intuitive VR experience featuring only your hands. With music from renowned electronic musician Max Cooper, it invites you(r hands) to take part in a dance performance and explore the beauty of your movements. Listen to the music and let your hands lead the way. Dance as big and loud as you want – or as small and simple. All you're expected to bring is an open mind. But beware, things may get a little out of hand…

Director: Sjoerd van Acker Producers: Fırat Sezgin, Ecegül Bayram Company: INSTITUTE OF TIME

Glimpse #

PEGI-7 / 23 min / 2022 / Drama / UK, Ireland, France

A panda called Herbie is holed up in his illustrator's studio after a bad break-up with a talented deer called Rice. Using Herbie’s art, we delve back through the memories of their relationship from its heartbreaking end to its beautiful beginning; a dreamlike voyage through his mind, his heart and his illustrations. With the voices of Taron Egerton as Herbie and Lucy Boynton as Rice, Glimpse is a highly emotive visual feast set in an imaginative world. Directed by an Academy Award winning filmmaking duo.

Writer and Director: Benjamin Cleary, MIchael O'Connor Producers: Lee Harris, Corentin Lambot Company: Mr Kite, Albyon, Electric Skies

Kingdom of Plants
Kingdom of Plants #

PEGI-7 / 15 min / 2021 / Documentary / UK

Meet the dynamic, bloodthirsty and heroic characters of the plant world guided by natural history legend, David Attenborough. The hidden lives of plants are revealed for the first time in 8K 3D virtual reality at 60fps, through spectacular macro cinematography and time-lapse sequences shot over weeks.

In a continuation of the landmark production 'David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants' comes this breathtaking three-part immersive series that reveals the perils and drama of the plant world.

Director: Iona McEwan Producer: Lou Doye Company: Alchemy Immersive

From the Main Square
From the Main Square #

PEGI-7 / 19 min / 2022 / Drama / Germany

'From the Main Square' is a compact portrait of social disruption.

Encircling a central square, a new town emerges in all its diversity: a crossroads of stories, buildings, hopes and conflicts. Social ties and cultures take root. People nurture sympathy and care for their equals, but also animosity towards those who are different. It doesn't take long for a mentality of "us versus them" to take over. 'From The Main Square' is an interactive VR experience that invites the viewer to witness the rise and fall of a divided society. A civilisation blossoms, with all its contradictions, only to become a danger to itself.

Director: Pedro Harres Producer: Lorena Junghans Production Company: Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

Wanderlust Life
Wanderlust Life #

PEGI-13 / 8 min / 2023 / Documentary / Lithuania

'Wanderlust Life' takes the audience on a captivating voyage through the various creative periods of renowned Lithuanian artist Jonas (Juan) Rimša. Through his paintings and letters, we delve into his subconscious, discovering the inspirations behind his subjects, landscapes, colours and people. Experience the enchanting allure of Tahiti, La Paz, and San Paulo through the eyes of this brilliant artist, leaving you inspired and mesmerised by his artistic legacy.

Directed and written by Žilvinas Vingelis Art director: Rimas Sakalauskas Producer: Titas Ukrinas Company: Gluk Media

Lou #

PEGI-7 / 26 min / 2022 / Documentary, Drama / Canada

“They always say that Lou has been living in his own bubble,” his mother says, as she watches her son study a tiny detail on the living room floor with interest. In this animated interactive VR project, we get a glimpse into Lou's bubble, at least for a while. Lou has lived with autism since birth. We experience situations in which Lou has a panic attack or an episode of aggression, when he is too upset to understand his friend’s words, or when he calms himself down by loudly slamming objects. The project is divided into two parts, exploring the boy’s life during childhood and adolescence and how he and those around him come to terms with his difference.

Written and Directed by Martine Asselin, Annick Daigneault Producers: Martine Asselin, Sébastien Gros, John Hamilton Company: UNLTD

Red Tail
Red Tail #

PEGI-13 / 20 min / 2022 / Drama / Taiwan

At a train station floating in the clouds, a mysterious red tail catches a boy’s attention. Chasing it, the boy travels through countless magical places, runs into bizarre creatures, and finally meets a gentleman who seems to know his secrets better than he does. When the red tail reminds the boy of his own memory and sadness, what secrets are hidden behind it, and where will they lead him next? Inspired by Wang’s comic of the same name, the mysterious red tail leads viewers on a magical journey, creating a poetic metaphor for people’s childhood memories.

Director: Wang Fish Producer: Yi-Ching Chen, Blank Hsieh, Yi-Hua Wang, Chiao-Lin Hsieh Company: Zero One Film, Funique VR Studio, PTS Taiwan, Kaohsiung Film Archive

Paul Klee Hand Puppets
Paul Klee Hand Puppets #

PEGI-7 / 13 min / 2022 / Drama / Switzerland

This animated VR experience recreates a puppet theatre using the work of Paul Klee, in particular through authentic puppets rendered in 3D. The short experience tells the story of Paul Klee, from the creation of the puppets to his escape from the Nazis into Switzerland, where he later died.

Director: Martin Charrière Writer: Antoine Débois Producers: Yves Demay, Gregory Catella Company: DNA Studios

Shadow #

PEGI-13 / 14 min / 2021 / Drama / Denmark

You are among the second wave of British bombers headed to Copenhagen to bomb the Gestapo's headquarters. But as you approach the city, you realise something isn't right.

Directed by: David Adler, Ole Bornedal Production: MAKROPOL, Mads Damsbo, MISO FILM APS, Niklas Kiaer