Enter mystical places and dive into unearthly experiences. Here, time, space and human emotion form unique combinations – while you become the main character.

The Answer
The Answer #

PEGI-7 / 10 min / 2020 / Adventure, Sci-fi / USA

A young prodigy invents the world’s most powerful computer system in a quest to find extraterrestrial life. This VR experience is a part of a trilogy of immersive and interactive modern day fables entitled "Legends Of The Brush"

Written and Directed by SUTU Producer: Jake Sally Company: RYOT

Chronos #

PEGI-12 / 15 min / 2022 / Sci-Fi / Switzerland, Lithuania

An interactive virtual reality (VR) experience with a narrative based on a space mission. After putting on the VR gear, you will see a metallic environment representing a spaceship. Chronos will transport you to a reality in which space travel is commonplace – and the stage is cryo sleep. Through the frosted glass, an unearthly space containing many sleep capsules is barely visible. A voice tells you to open your capsule and get out. Welcome to Chronos.

Directed by Rafael Bolliger Writers: Rafael Bolliger, Andrius Lekavičius Producers: Valentin Greutert, Andrius Lekavičius Companies: A Film Company, AL-VR

Cosmogonic #

PEGI-7 / 8 min / 2022 / Sci-Fi, Family / Poland

All that remains of Cosmogonic, a once-great robot-engineer, is his humble, broken head. But you can still step into his memories, where you’ll discover a strange, forgotten world – one where science and technology can either isolate and destroy us, or connect and free us. This animated techno-fable from Poland, presented with humour and wonder in an unexpected installation, brings the vision of Polish sci-fi genius Stanisław Lem and illustrator Daniel Mróz into virtual reality.

Directed by Paweł Szarzyński Written by Lauren Dubowski, Paweł Szarzyński Producer: Marta Szarzyńska Company: Kinhouse

Presented by: Cosmogonic
Diagnosia #

PEGI-12 / 30 min / 2021 / Documentary / USA

In this VR experience, Mengtai Zhang locks us into his own memories of a centre for internet addicts. Run by psychiatrists, who are backed up in some centres by military personnel, this institution functions as a re-education camp. The user moves around the animated, interactive VR environment – through its grey corridors and classrooms – as Mengtai recalls haunting memories of violence, peer pressure and indoctrination.

Written and directed by Mengtai Zhang, Lemon Guo Producers: Mengtai Zhang, Lemon Guo, Huang Yue

Goliath: Playing With Reality
Goliath: Playing With Reality #

PEGI-12 / 25 min / 2021 / Documentary / UK, France

Through mind-bending animation, the award-winning "Goliath: Playing With Reality" explores the limits of reality in this true story of so-called ‘schizophrenia’ and the power of gaming communities.

Echo (narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Tilda Swinton) guides you through the many realities of Goliath, a man who spent years isolated in psychiatric institutions, but who finds connection in multiplayer games.

Weave through multiple worlds combining heart-felt dialogue, mesmerising visuals and symbolic interactions, to uncover Goliath’s poignant story.

Director: Barry Gene Murphy, May Abdalla Writers: Barry Gene Murphy, May Abdalla Producer: May Abdalla, Anetta Jones, Kirsty Jennings, Katayoun Dibamehr, Rebecca Frankel, Liz Rozenthal, Mark Ordesky Companies: Anagram, Floréal Films

Hangman At Home
Hangman At Home #

PEGI-12 / 25 min / 2020 / Drama / Denmark, France, Canada

“What does the hangman think about when he goes home at night from work?”

Inspired by the iconic poem by Carl Sandburg (1922), this VR experience explores themes of acknowledgement and participation. It is not about hanging people, but about the awkward intimacy of being human, as well as the connection between observer, spectator and accomplice. This animated, immersive experience invites you into five interwoven stories, capturing pivotal moments. The Hangman at Home VR ultimately reveals that we are all more alike than we are different, while raising questions of responsibility.

Written, Directed and Designed by Michelle & Uri Kranot Producers: Lana Tankosa Nikolic, Katayoun Dibamehr, Avi Amar, Emmanuel-Alain Raynal, Pierre Baussaron, Marc Bertrand Company: Late Love Production, Floréal Films, Miyu Productions, National Film Board of Canada

Paper Birds
Paper Birds #

PEGI-7 / 30 min / 2020 / Drama, Music, Family / Argentina

Paper Birds is a 30-minute interactive story about a young musician in search of true inspiration. Starring Ed Norton, Joss Stone and Archie Yates, this VR film offers unique moments of interactivity, inviting you to conduct music, unlock portals, light up an invisible world and more.

Directed by Federico Carlini & German Heller Written by German Heller Producers: Averie Timm, German Heller, Federico Carlini Company: 3DAR

The Sick Rose
The Sick Rose #

PEGI-7 / 17 min / 2021 / Drama / Taiwan

Rose has a fight with her mother. Feeling sorry for hurtful words she said, Rose is determined to apologise to her mother, who currently works in a hospital. However, as the pandemic around her escalates, the way to the hospital has become dangerous and difficult. Will Rose, a sick little girl who does not know her way, be reunited with her mother?

“The Sick Rose” is a stop-motion animation work combining traditional Taiwanese dough figurine handicraft with VR technology.

Written and directed by Huang Yun-Hsien, Tang Zhi-Zhong Producers: Liu Szu-Ming, Jack Huang Company: HTC VIVE, Uomo Vitruviano Corporation, TurnRhino Original Design Studio

Samsara #

PEGI-12 / 21 min / 2021 / Drama / Taiwan

Samsara is a living science fiction story experience. In this adventure, the human race completely destroys the Earth's environment in the near future, forcing us to abandon our planet and find a new home in space. After hundreds of years of space travel, we have re-engineered our DNA and artificially evolved into a new life form. After jumping through the space singularity, we have found a new planet to settle down. Many years pass by before we realise we haven't reached a new world, but have instead returned to Earth in another time as a different life form, and our ancestors are now our predators. Several attempts are made to leave Earth, all of them leading back to it. Then, we realise that time is an illusion; our past, present and future are fused together.

Written and Directed by Hsin-chien Huang Producer: Saiau-Yue Tsau Company: Virtual and Physical Media Integration Association of Taiwan

All Unsaved Progress Will Be Lost
All Unsaved Progress Will Be Lost #

PEGI-12 / 10 min / 2022 / Drama / France

"All Unsaved Progress Will Be Lost" is a melancholic journey through a ghost town made of concrete and fog, based on the testimony of a woman who refused to evacuate her hometown after a terrible disaster.

Directed, written and produced by Mélanie Courtinat