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September 9-12, 2021 Klaipėda
BLON Animation and Games Festival

↓ Industry Talks

Grab a rare opportunity to listen to and interact with the best industry professionals!

BLON Talks are aimed towards common traits of video games and animation. Our guests will speak about storytelling, world building and art development for video games, and what inspired them to choose this unique medium.  They will help you explore animation and games distribution world and success stories behind internationally renowned VR experiences. 
We hope that speakers' experience and insights will inspire others to step into this world where everyone can become a creator. 

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Immersing the audience into legacy with VR

September 11 16:00-17:00, KKKC Parodų rūmai + Online

Join a free walking tour around VR exhibition and also listen to virtual talk to one of the authors – Javier Garcia-Lajara.

Sixteen thousand years ago, a group of humans came back to their seasonal shelter in the north of Spain after a harsh hunting season. However, the entrance had collapsed keeping all their objects, paintings and memories untouched.

Until today.

Memoria is the bridge between our paleolithic heritage and our present technologies.

Javier will explain how they used real-time 3D game engines, photogrammetry, and programming techniques to bring the viewer into ancient caves in virtual reality.

How to produce a high-grossing low budget film

September 11 17:00-18:00, HOFO Angaras + Online

Thorbjørn Christoffersen and Anders Mastrup will talk about the creative challenges in the production of Chequered Ninja in the perspective of keeping the budget low. Also, how to finance, plan and produce a low budget film like Chequered Ninja.

Is it Time for Politically Conscious Games?

September 11 18:00-19:00, HOFO Angaras + Online

Since 2014, there has been a certain political realignment in the Western videogames industry. With that, there are plenty of takes as to what it means to be creating videogames politically. The talk would look into some examples of the 20th century conceptual fine art and compare it with the way we do political games. What's effective, what are the possibilities, what's the importance of the modes of production in this realm?
Videogames industry campaigner Marijam Didžgalvytė will dive into the state of the discourse around politics in videogames and will assess what are the best examples of ideological affiliations being inflicted on cultural objects. Hear why Untitled Goose Game or Eve Online are better instruments for politics than Papers, Please.

Open Mic

September 11 20:00-22:00, HOFO Angaras

An interactive networking evening during which a microphone will be presented for three minutes to anyone who wants to introduce themselves, present their companies, projects, ideas, find like-minded people or colleagues.

Lithuanian Gamedev Industry Overview

September 11, 19:00-20:00, HOFO Angaras

“Lithuanian Game Developers Association” (LŽKA) for the last several months conducted a research of Lithuanian games industry, and together with “Lithuanian Innovation Center” prepared a detailed overview of the industry and recommendations for its growth. Ričardas will share the main facts about the current situation and ideas for the future.

Coffe with Artists

September 12
9:00-10:00, HOFO Angaras

Cozy and informal talk with Lithuanian animation directors about their work and all the dirty secrets of animation industry.

Puppy's Adventure In Hollywood

September 12
10:00-11:00, HOFO Angaras

This is a presentation of animation film in development PUPPY BITES BACK, which began as short film, but after visiting Hollywood ambitiously grew in to series. Gediminas will share initial sketches, pre-production stages, working experience with Kaz Prapuolenis and insights of effort to pitch this project to US TV channels.

Making of AWAY

September 12
11:00-12:00, HOFO Angaras

In the presentation Gints Zilbalodis will talk about how he made his first feature film AWAY by himself. What led up to it, lessons learned and what he is working on next.

Award Ceremony

September 12
19:30-20:30, HOFO Angaras

Announcement of the Winner of the International Competition Programme, the award will be handed over by the International Jury for the Best Animated Short Film 2020. Also, the Lithuanian Animation Association will present the Annual Lithuanian Animation Artist Award.

Let's play!

September 12
20:30-22:00, HOFO Angaras

Time to play and find out, how good you are in animation and video games. Take part in the quiz individually or with your colleagues and prove that you are the best!

I have an idea! What's next?

September 12 12:00-13:30, HOFO Angaras

During the discussion, representatives of the Lithuanian Film Center,
Creative Europe Desk Lithuania MEDIA office, the Lithuanian Council for Culture, the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology will talk about the possibilities for animation and video games in Lithuania and how to finance the idea you have.

Let's Talk About Game Design

September 12 14:30-15:30, HOFO Angaras

Talented and experienced game designers will share their thoughts and ideas in a discussion about modern gameplay, its creative challenges and will try to answer the all-important question – "What does a player want?". Tough questions from the audience are more than welcome!

Born for VR: Making Wonderful You

September 12 15:30-16:30, HOFO Angaras + Online

by James Pollock

Created by BDH Immersive, Wonderful You is a virtual reality journey through the strange world of your developing senses; sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Wonderful You is your story – a journey through your epic first 9 months of life in your mother’s womb.

Join immersive designer James Pollock as he talks about the challenges faced and lessons learned in creating BDH's biggest VR experience to date, as well as the audience response since its release.

How Heretic was made

September 12 17:00-18:00, HOFO Angaras

Dominykas will tell us how their team has created Heretic demo. We will cover various technical pillars of the demo - from special effects to realistic human rendering.

Flying Solo or One Man Band

September 12 18:00-19:00, HOFO Angaras

A fireside chat dedicated to developers who create the games only by themselves. The creators of hit games will talk about why they chose such a lonely path, their daily life, challenges and achievements.

Coffe with Artists

September 13 10:00-11:30, HOFO Angaras + Online

Cozy and informal talk with Competition Programme animation directors about their work and all the dirty secrets of animation industry. The talk will take place and will be streamed online.

The ABC of Animation: peculiarities of production in Lithuania

September 13 11:30-12:30, HOFO Angaras

Why three minutes of animation takes three years? Animation production in Lithuania. The diferences between drawn and puppet animation? The differences between illustrator and animator? What does stop motion mean? How much does the animated film cost?

Cosy and informal discussion with experienced producers: Agnė Adomėnė, Marija Razgutė, Giedrė Burokaitė.

Before the panel, you will be able to watch their newest films: Milk Bar, Matilda and the Spare Head, Snow Shelter.

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