New Wave Animation

This program offers a unique perspective on animation as it explores innovative and experimental techniques that go beyond traditional storytelling methods. With a focus on creating a deeper and more sensory experience, the program aligns with the principles of expanded cinema, which aims to expand the boundaries of cinema and incorporate other art forms. The artwork featured in the program utilizes cutting-edge methodologies such as real-time engines, motion-capture, machine learning, and algorithmic animation. The program encourages the audience to question the existence of animation and to accept its presence as something that transcends reality.

Absence #

10 min 30 s / 2021 / France

A homeless man collapses violently to the ground, and remains frozen on all fours. Sudden interest in this man by journalists propels us into a grotesque and absurd media vortex.

Written and directed by Marc Héricher Producer: Nicolas Schmerkin Company: Autour de Minuit

Anxious Body
Anxious Body #

5 min 47 s / 2021 / Japan, France

Living things, artificial things, geometric shapes and lines. When these different things intersect, a new direction is born.

Written and directed by Yoriko Mizushiri Producers: Emmanuel-Alain Raynal, Pierre Baussaron Companies: Miyu Productions, New Deer

The Crow
The Crow #

2 min 58 s / 2021 / USA

In this animation, artificial intelligence is used to transform a dancer into a crow. The result is a haunting and compelling piece that follows the crow through its brief dance in a landscape of post-apocalyptic barrenness, to its inevitable demise. Based on the short film 'Painted' by Duncan McDowall and Dorotea Saykaly

Written and directed by Glenn Marshall Producer: Michael O'Neill

Enemies #

2 min / 2022 /

Enemies is the latest project by Unity’s award-winning Demo Team. It showcases Unity’s capabilities for powering high-end visuals in 2022, including the latest improvements to its High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), new high-end Adaptive Probe Volume lighting system, an all-new strand-based hair solution, and an evolved Digital Human toolkit.

Unity’s demo productions drive the advanced use of the Unity real-time 3D platform through autonomous creative projects, led by Creative Director Veselin Efremov.

Written and directed by Veselin Efremov Producers: Silvia Rasheva, Aleksander Karshikoff

All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace
All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace #

4 min 13 s / 2021 / UK

Taking its title from the late American poet Richard Brautigan’s 1967 poem, “All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace” is a short experimental film about our obsession, fetishisation and deification of technology. In our ongoing race to optimise and computerise, to ‘move fast and break things’ in pursuit of our holy missions of ‘growth’ and ‘progress’, we often fail to see – let alone to foresee – the undesirable consequences of our misjudged, narrow intelligence.

Written, directed and produced by Memo Akten

Zangkom Redux
Zangkom Redux #

2 min 16 s / 2020 / Netherlands

A figure floats across a deserted universe in a rudderless vehicle. Suddenly, a partner in misfortune appears in the distance.

Directed by Maurice de Bruijne Writers: Randy Oost & Maurice de Bruijne Producer: Fleur Knopperts & Denis Vaslin Company: Anikey Studios

Tartarus #

2 min 37 s / 2021 / Argentina

The deity Tartarus. The force of conquest and destruction. Whatever they want, it will be taken. Because Tartarus sees themselves as the owner of everything, as they despise everything. Their servants—Titans—are to impose this deity’s limitless will, with no guilt or shame. Without challenging it. It has been like this era after era, since the beginning of time. Until now, when primordial tears announce the end of the Eternal.

Directed by Mariano Fernández Russo Producer: Carolina Cantero Company: Clubcamping

Very, Very, Tremendously
Very, Very, Tremendously #

12 min 12 s / 2021 / China, France

Drawing on the threads of virtual currency and digital junk, the film seeks to discuss how the acts of production and consumption in the virtual world interact systematically with reality.

Written and directed by Guangli Liu

Tschandalacene #

7 min 55 s / 2021 / Japan, Sweden

The Tschandalacene marks the era after the Irrevra period (post-singularity) and before the quantum portal collapse. Once a physical world – centred around Mount Wakakusa in Nara, Japan – before being gradually altered in to an AI-generated simulation, the Tschandalacene was established by UKI-J4, a synthetic entity manufactured by the Oshii family. It is capable of transcending with the sacred deer that inhabit Nara, and which live in a symbiotic circuit, constantly evolving and devolving in harmony and tranquility. This video depicts an aeon of time sweeping the physical realm, through a simulation and its self-inflicted collapse into the unknown.

Written and directed by AUJIK

Unspoken Words
Unspoken Words #

5 min 36 s / 2022 / UK, Poland

A typographic music video for "Symphony in Acid" ("Unspoken Words") by Max Cooper, built as the generative and interactive website, and afterwards recorded. Unspoken Words features text from "Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus" (1921) by Ludwig Wittgenstein, which deals with the limits of language.

Written and directed by Ksawery Kirklewski, Max Cooper