Lithuanian Animation

This selection includes everything from the most memorable works by students to virtuoso short films, offering audiences a unique opportunity to explore the diversity of Lithuanian animation.

Between Timid and Timbuktu
Between Timid and Timbuktu #

2024 / Lithuania / 3 min 3 s

"Sirens of Titan" by Kurt Vonnegut was published as a cheap fantasy paperback book in 1959. But the writer really reached much deeper. We are only part of the system - our fate is predetermined. And who controls it - the Universe, the Big Bang, God, extraterrestrial civilizations or the planet Tralfamador - is still a mystery to us. And, as K. Vonnegut writes, the purpose of Earth and people can be incredibly stupid. Meaninglessness to impossibility. We are puppets of some Tralfamadorians to help them fulfill their naive purpose.

Directed by Saulius Juknevičius Screenwriter: Saulius Juknevičius Producer: Valentas Aškinis Company: Vilnius College of Technology and Design

Mindaugas and Crusade for Love and Freedom
Mindaugas and Crusade for Love and Freedom #

2023 / Lithuania / 10 min 11 s

In 1251 Lithuania, Mindaugas' wedding day takes an unexpected turn when love of his life is mysteriously taken. Determined to rescue her, he embarks on a quest that spans from hell to heaven and even higher dimensions.

Directed by Gytis Baranauskas Screenwriter: Gytis Baranauskas Producer: Gytis Baranauskas Company: Vilnius Academy of Arts

Thoughts About The Universe That Will Keep You Awake
Thoughts About The Universe That Will Keep You Awake #

2023 / Lithuania / 3 min 52 s

No matter how hard we will try to save the Earth, even if we succeed, one day the sun will die just like everything else around her. So, what's the meaning after all?

Directed by Greta Semionovaitė Screenwriter: Greta Semionovaitė Producer: Greta Semionovaitė Company: University for the Creative Arts

Hoofs on Skates
Hoofs on Skates #

2024 / Lithuania, France / 12 min 24 s

In a winter wonderland two friends are having a blast ice-skating on a frozen lake when suddenly a strange and unfamiliar world cracks open underneath them. Now they must learn how to deal with the other kind, not letting the fear and preconceptions rule.

Directed by Ignas Meilūnas Screenwriter: Titas Laucius Producers: Justė Beniušytė, Ignas Meilūnas Company: "Kadrų Skyrius"

In Perpetuum
In Perpetuum #

2023 / Lithuania, Canada / 11 min 29 s

A young woman is going through the metamorphosis of becoming a mother. Is it possible to accept a new self?

Directed by Birute Sodeikaite Screenwriter: Birute Sodeikaite Producer: Birute Sodeikaite

Plica Polonica
Plica Polonica #

2023 / Lithuania / 7 min 41 s

Plica polonica is a disease people used to believe in that would make your hair uncombable. The main protagonist of the film- a severely tangled girl- goes on a search for a “cure”. She seeks answers from the most tangled of them all- the infamous Baba Yaga.

Directed by Agata Tracevič Screenwriter: Agata Tracevič Producer: Agata Tracevič Company: Vilnius Academy of Arts

The One Who Knows
The One Who Knows #

2024 / Lithuania, France / 12 min 4 s

Anxious teenager Ūla is taken on an unexpected adventure during her swimming practise, through which she grows-up and learns to see her body anew.

Directed by Eglė Davidavičė Screenwriter: Eglė Davidavičė Producers: Agnė Adomėnė, Delphine Schmit Company: Art Shot, Tripode Productions