BLON 2024 Submissions

Aware Game Awards are back!

After last year’s successful debut, Aware Game Awards (AGA) are returning to BLON 2024 programming.

The programme is dedicated to celebrating the games that strive to raise awareness about a range of topics, from personal experiences to global or social issues – games that focus on immersion and empathy, helping us to better understand each other and the world around us.

BLON 2024 Aware Call

We aim to show our audiences a completely different and unexpected side of gaming while also inspiring and involving local creative communities.

All requirements and application form ➡️

⚡ To all animated films creators ⚡

You can now submit your animated shorts for one of the BLON competition programmes:

BLON 2024 Call

The winner of each competition will be awarded the prize of EUR1,000.

Submit your short until May 1 here ➡️