BLON Junior

The BLON Junior programme is full of exclusive, relevant and educational films. The programme is aimed at the youngest participants in the festival who want to discover animation. All films are accompanied by an additional individual educational programme. BLON Junior is divided in two main parts: School Screenings and Family Screenings.


The BLON festival carries out an educational mission by introducing schools and kindergartens to an exceptional programme of various styles of animation and relevant topics. The films are accompanied with presentations by educators from the BLON team.


Over the weekend, BLON invites you to bring the whole family to the cinema. Family screenings will be accompanied by educational activities, at which young viewers will be able to get to know the history of animation, make optical toys, and chat with animation professionals. Ticket prices: 5 eur - adult, 4 eur - kids

Exhibition of Animation Characters at Klaipeda Puppet Theatre
Exhibition of Animation Characters at Klaipeda Puppet Theatre #

This year, we are presenting characters made out of felt, from the fantastically beautiful film “Hush Hush, Little Bear” (dir. Māra Liniņa), as well as world traveller Igor-503 from the film “Face Recognition” (dir. Martinus Klemet). Both of these films are part of the International Competition Programme.

Exhibition opening - 8 September, 5:00 p.m Meet the artists - 10 September, 1:00 and 4:00 p.m

Street Art Workshop
Street Art Workshop #

Inspired by the "Blon" festival, a street art workshop is organized with illustrator Pius Čeikauskas. During ithe workshop participants will create and search for animation in street art. Participants will learn about examples from Lithuania and the world and will try to create a short moving story. The action takes place on ARTOJO st. 6 Klaipėda

The class consists of: THEORY (~30 minutes duration) Examples from Lithuania and the world, discussion of techniques, behind-the-scenes of graffiti, process and personal practices.

SKETCHING (~30 minutes duration) sketch preparation, wall preparation, brainstorming.

PRACTICE (~2-3 hours) management of vials, testing of several techniques, and implementation of the final work. The process is documented. The price is 30 euros per person. An advance of 15 euros is transferred earlier for the purchase of equipment. You will be given: • four units of paint vials, • protective measures, • tools to prepare for the sketch, area on the wall.

There is no age limit Classes may be rescheduled due to bad weather conditions. You will be informed about this in advance.

Event organizer: FB | Pius Čeikauskas ROI | @pidzinas email Mr. | Mob. | +37063094632

Partner: BLON animation and video game festival.